The Gdańsk Film Fund competition aims to support promotion of the city and its culture, foster development of the local audiovisual sector and boost education related to film production at the University of Gdańsk. Through the Competition, producers will be selected with whom the Organiser will undertake joint realisation, co-financing the production and joint exploitation of rights to the films made. In addition, activities of the Gdańsk Film Fund can receive parallel support from the Gdańsk Film Commission.

The competition is financed by the City Culture Institute using funds set aside within the Gdańsk Film Fund from the City of Gdańsk’s resources. The budget for the 2022 competition amounts to PLN 1,000,000 gross.

The following projects are eligible for the Competition:

  • full-length feature films (duration over 70 minutes), 
  • documentaries,
  • animated films.

The main eligibility premise for film projects involves linking the film production with Gdańsk – as a place where the film is made, as a theme, through the participation of Gdańsk authors and entrepreneurs and the amount of budget expenditure in the region. The competition is open to applications for projects for which the cinematography, post-production or animation were or will be created in part or entirely in Gdańsk.

The City Culture Institute in Gdańsk will participate in projects selected in the competition as a financially contributing co-producer.

The terms and conditions of the competition are set out in the Competition Rules.

Eligible costs:

Only eligible costs can be covered by the Gdańsk Film Fund Competition.

Eligible costs are:

  1. expedient and economically justified, necessary for the film and directly related to it,
  2. incurred in the period of and in connection with the production of the film specified in the competition application to take part in a Gdańsk Film Fund co-production,
  3. reliably documented and verifiable,
  4. provided for in the film’s cost estimate,
  5. compliant with the provisions described in the applicable rules of the competition to take part in a Gdańsk Film Fund co-production,
  6. disbursed under applicable national legislation,
  7. related to the preparation, shooting or post-production period.

Non-eligible costs include:

  1. purchase of fixed assets and office equipment, vehicles, computer hardware, computer programmes, and computer accessories, excluding data carriers linked to the Film’s production,
  2. overheads, i.e. fixed costs incurred by the recipient of support in connection with its activities related to the task implementation, e.g. electricity, water, rent, maintenance of staff, use of telephone, internet, etc.,
  3. management costs understood as the producer’s remuneration,
  4. remuneration payable in respect of any functions performed by the Applicant acting as a sole trader (registered in the business register),
  5. costs of preliminary work (development),
  6. costs of making master copies in excess of 1,
  7. Value Added Tax (VAT), which may be recovered under national legislation, i.e. the VAT Act of 11 March 2004,
  8. any commission and interest costs incurred as part of financial commitments and overdraft interest,
  9. depreciation costs,
  10. costs of international business trips,
  11. the Film’s promotion costs, advertising,
  12. costs of financial penalties and litigation expenses.

The competition rules, application form and other annexes are available at: